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Deze prachtige 18e eeuwse Tafelklok uit Duitsland is een absolute must-have voor de liefhebber van antieke uurwerken. De klok

18th century Table clock


Table clock or Bracket clock

Germany, Brün, 18th century


Inscription by Daniel Wolff

45 x 30 x 16 cm


  • Table or Bracket clock

    Tall rectangular wooden cabinet, blackened, on bronze front legs, tapered roof mounting, with gilt brass flares on the corners and movable carrying handle on carved lion heads.

    Glazed front door, back wall and sides.


    Front plate in brass, polished and engraved, with dial ring, Roman hours and Arabic minutes, above two applied disc rings with hands and line indications for repetition and percussion mechanism.

    In between a convex round cartouche with the inscription "Daniel Wolff Brün".

  • Time piece mechanism

    The clock has a one-day movement. Lever clockwork with pendulum, which sets a red cut stone on the front in motion.

    Quarter strike and hour strike on two bells. Repeat cord.


    The small sound holes at the top of the sides are covered with engraved floral decoration.

    Three keys and a crank are present.

    The keys are for the front door, rear door and a key for winding.

  • Daniël Wolff

    Daniel Wolff was a famous 18th century clockmaker who lived and worked in the town of Brun, now known as Brno.

    He mainly made high-quality clocks and watches, which he sold to wealthy customers throughout Europe.


    Wolff used advanced techniques and materials to make his timepieces accurate and durable. He was also known for his artistic designs and decorations, which turned his timepieces into true works of art.

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