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Joost Beerents

Joost Beerents





100 x 125 cm

1992, The Netherlands


  • Abstract

    Non-figurative painting with earthly colours.


    The painting has layers, creating a certain depth or even 3-dimensional look and feel.
    This is due to the use of mixed media like paper elements mixed with the oil paint on the canvas.

  • Artist Joost Beerents

    Joost Beerents was born in 1963. After finishing high school in Amsterdam at the age of 18 years old, she left for Italy. She studied Art History at the University in the beautiful Italian city of Florence. She also took up a study in the Italian language. Joost Beerents stayed in Florence for 2 years before she returned to The Netherlands. In the city of Leiden she continued studying Law.

    Joost Beerents returned to Amsterdam afterwards and got a job at the Auctioneer House of Sotheby’s. For 3 years she worked in the Silver and Jewellery Department. . After finishing her education she decided to continue and build up her career as a painter. She followed Masterclasses at Dutch artist Peter Schenk. Working together with collegue-painters in The Netherlands as well as international, she is becoming a well-known professional.  


    Joost Beerents works mainly with acrylic paint, sometimes using combinations of other materials like paper and textile. She likes the non-figurative aspects and prefers to produce large formats. Her early work shows warm earthly colours, like terra, sand and sienna. Nowadays a transformation is visible in the use of colours, turning into white, grey, blue and black. Every painting has more layers, resulting in a feeling of depth. Also the layers makes the painting look like it has been made long before her time, a classic-modern look and feel. Classical elements of colour or material, are used in the modern paintings. This way of creating can be looked upon as the painters tribute to her favourite painters: Caravaggio, Picasso, but also Rauschenberg, Rothko and Mondriaan.


    Her work has been shown at several exhibitions in The Netherlands, starting in 1990.
    Afterwards her work has been exhibited in London, Chicago and New York.

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