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Markt 12-A


Please contact us to plan a visit:

+31 (0)6 5310 6541


'Already at a young age, I started to work in the Antique business owned by my father Piet, antiquarian and valuator.

He ran the business together with my uncle Wim, who was specialized in Chinese porcelain. 

After my studies and further educated by my father and uncle Wim, I took over the business in 1982.

Nowadays the antique collection has expanded with Contemporary Art, working closely together with a number of artists.

Also the network of collector's, colleagues and relations has expanded on an international base.

From 1987 my activities are also in the Far East, mainly Taiwan and China'.

Photo by Linelle Deunk


Appraisal days

 Lectures Masterclasses

On request I like to organize special events, such as:

  • Appraisal event 'Art of Kitsch'

  • Lecture on the Value of Art

  • Masterclass on Chinese Porcelain


These events are often organized by Service clubs, families or groups of friends.

Companies also organize such events for their own employees or for customers.

The interpretation is determined in consultation, I like to think about it! 

In most cases, participants are allowed to bring an object to have it appraised.



Lecture 'The Value of Art'  for Society  'De Huissense Eendragt'


Peter van Os is member of several organisations concerning appraisals, art and antiques:

KVHOK, CINOA and Federation TMV.

Working for Dutch customs and the National Police organisation, Peter has recently been installed as expert at LDM. the Dutch National Expert Agency.  


Member  of these organisatioins can be recognized by the logo's​.

Masterclass course KVHOK 

Logo KVHOK.jpg


Royal Association of Dealers in Ancient Art

The members of this oldest and most famous Association of Dealers in Ancient Art, belong among the TOP 100 antique dealers in the Netherlands. In the meantime it is no longer 100 members, but people are busy.generations . Peter is a member of the committee for new members and is involved in interviewing candidates.  He has been a member since 1980.

Members of the KVHOK can be seen regularly on the popular television program 'Tussen Kunst en Kitsch'.

Peter and his colleagues provide cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_de courses organized by the KVHOK twice a year.

Are you interested?View the course program here!

Logo CINOA copy.jpg


Confédération Internationale des Négociants en Œuvres d’Art


Internationale Federatie van leden van landelijke verenigingen op het gebied van Kunst en Antiek. De CINOA is wereldleider op het gebied van de handel in  in Kunst en Antiek, opgericht in 1935.

Peter is lid sinds 1980.

Logo TMV.tif

Federation TMV

Appraisers, Brokers, Auctioneers

Professional body for certified RegisterTaxateurs.

Since Appraiser is a liberal profession, , consumers know that they are dealing with a reliable appraiser if they are a member of the TMV.


Before 2000 was the members are still sworn in, in 1981 Peter was the youngest certified appraiser  in the Netherlands. Today, members are certified. 
In order to become and remain a member, it is necessary to pass an exam in the relevant field and to be certified by cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Hobeon (independent certification body) and to obtain sufficient PE points (Continuing Education) annually.

Peter is registered under number 37517 and carries out valuations under the General Terms and Conditions of the Federation TMV.

Anker TMV
Logo LDM.jpg


Dutch Police Expert Agency

Member of the Dutch Experts Database officially since 2020. LDM delivers expert services to:
•    Police Department
•    Royal Military Police
•    Justice Department
•    Special branch art related Criminal Investigation Services


Peter van Os has been screened and officially certificated April 2020. Since 2017 he has been advising the Dutch Police Department and Special branch. 
In the 80’s and 90’s Peter also advised the Dutch Customs, that was before the borders between countries in Europe were open.


Website LDM (only in Dutch)

Anker LDM
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