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What is a CITES statement?

Elephants are threatened with extinction. This is due, for example, to poaching for ivory. The African elephant (Loxodonta africana) and the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) are therefore strictly protected CITES animals.

Do you want to sell, (re)import or (re)export ivory? Then you need an official CITES statement. There are rules for that.


These rules are contained in the international CITES agreement, described at thewebsite of  de Rijksoverheid.(RVO)

CITES stands for Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

CITES contains regulations on the international trade in protected species. And about transporting it.   

Source: RVO

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann


When assessing ivory, the following is determined:

  • Is the object made of ivory or is it a different material.

  • What is the date of the object and the date of the possible operation.



 Oral advice


To avoid unnecessary appraisal costs, please send me images of your property first. 

You will then receive verbal advice as to whether or not to have your object appraised.

Rate oral advice:

  • Per object € 30

NB: You must transfer the amount in advance to account:

NL67 INGB 0003 2637 37

tnv PP van Os

Announcement: Ivory Appraisal

 Oral Appraisal

The object is examined and assessed in our gallery, with the appraisal taking place verbally.

Rate oral appraisal:

  • Per object: €50

Written explanation

The government sets conditions for owning, importing or exporting and/or trading with ivory.

If your object meets these conditions after an oral appraisal, you can have Peter make an appraisal report, which you can use to demonstrate that your object does indeed meet the conditions.

With the valuation report you can request a CITES statement from the RvO.


Rate Valuation report for CITES statement:

  • Per object  € 100



If after appraisal it appears that your object complies with the rules for ivory as drawn up by the RvO, you can apply for an official CITES statement from the RVO on the basis of the appraisal report.

Peter van Os is a Registered Appraiser and as such an expert in valuing ivory and assessing whether it complies with the CITES rules.

If an ivory object meets the rules as laid down in the international CITES agreement, Peter van Os is authorized as an expert to draw up a valuation report with which a CITES certificate can be requested from the RVO.

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