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Eclectic collection of Ancient and Modern Art

Peter van Os: 'I am originally a 3rd generation dealer and appraiser in Ancient Art. I learned the trade in practice from my father and uncle, who worked together for many years at the Bakkerstraat location in Arnhem.


I started collecting Modern Art at a young age. Both my father and my uncle were not interested in that. When I took over the Art Dealership in the early 1980s, combining antiques and modern art was not really appreciated.


In a later period, eclectic collecting became a trend. In my current Art Dealership in Oirschot, antiques and modern and contemporary art can be seen.

Affordable Art Fair
Meeting Rep Ringel and Peter

I have been working with contemporary artists for years. The collaboration is of course based on good agreements and mutual trust. But initially the condition is that I am moved by the art!

Recently, at the Affordable Art Fair in Brussels, I was surprised and touched by the impressive paintings of the Apeldoorn artist Rep Ringel.

An artist of our times, with a clear vision about his work. A collection of paintings by Rep Ringel can now be seen in our gallery in Oirschot.

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