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Presentation of art and antiques

Online information

The new year has already started for a few weeks and we also have new plans for our online presence.

Our website will be expanded, our social media channels will be informed and our blog will be updated with interesting articles about art and culture.

Impression online presentation

Personal visit to our gallery

But we also don't want to forget that nothing beats a personal visit to our gallery. That is why we cordially invite you to come by and view our latest collections and be inspired by the beauty and diversity of the works of art.


New lighting

We started installing new lighting in the shop window at the end of last year. That makes a huge difference! The triple windows often made it difficult to get a good look inside.

The intention for the coming year is to continue to replace the lighting in our gallery. All art deserves to be seen!

Presentation of art and antiques
New shop window


Albertus Verhoesen

With the new lamps by Erco Lighting, there is now a beautiful view of the collection of paintings by Albertus Verhoesen in our shop window.

The 19th century painter Verhoesen is known for his beautiful and detailed scenes with poultry.

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