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Kangxi Chinees Porselein Blauw en Wit Bordje. Gemarkeerd met een apocrief Chenghua-teken van zes tekens, een verwijzing en ee

Kangxi Chinees Porcelain Blue and White Plate


Small Chinese porcelain blue and white plate

China, circa 1700


Height 5 cm, Ø 15.5 cm


Marked Chenghua on the bottom

In good condition

Small chip on the edge (see photo)

  • Forbidden love

    The scene in the middle comes from the love story: Romans of the Western Chamber.

    The scene in the middle shows the image of two figures on a patio.
    The edge has a decoration of four cartouches with peaches.

  • Marked Emperor Chenghua

    Marked with a six-character apocryphal Chenghua sign, a reference and tribute to Emperor Chenghua (1465-1487).


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