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Sunrise in Zeeland

Frank Peters (The Netherlands1976)


Sunrise, Zeeland, The Netherlands

Photo Art

Synthetic glass cover



80 x 120 cm


The Netherlands

In verso Certificate of Authenticity


  • Perfect print

    One important reason to view Frank's photographs in our gallery is certainly that you can experience the work in your own way.

    Together with Frank, we carefully worked out the printing process. A number of photos are framed with museum glass. That is expensive, but well worth it for the photos in question.

    Other photos, such as the photo of the Grevelingenmeer, are printed matte and give a completely different experience.


    Photo above: Consultation Peter van Os about the perfect print.

  • Frank Peters

    Read more about Art Photographer Frank Peters, about his work, his inspiration and about the worldwide appreciation for his beautiful photography.

  • Unique

    This work of art is a unique item, which means that only one print was made. The photo is provided with a Certificate of Authenticity.

    This gives the owner the certainty that this is a unique specimen.

    In the world of art photography, unique specimens are special.

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