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Hendrik Johannes Knip (1819-1897)

Hendrik Johannes Knip (1819-1897)


Landscape with hunting scene

Gouache on paper


The Netherlands, circa 1880


50 x 71 cm


Private Collection


  • Henri Knip (Den Bosch 1819-1897 Brussels)

    Henri Knip worked with oil on canvas, made pen drawings and watercolors. He also made gouaches, in which opaque paint was used. This work by Henri Knip is a gouache on paper depicting a landscape in Switzerland with a hunting scene.

    Landscapes, village views and churches were the artist's favorite subjects.

  • It's 'All in the family'

    Henriette Ronner-Knip (1821-1909) is the well-known cat painter.

    She learned to draw and paint from her father, the painter Josephus Augustus Knip (1777-1847), a first cousin of Henri Knip.

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