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Bloemstilleven in vaas door Kees Verwey

Kees Verwey (1900-Netherlands-1995)


Flower still life

Mixed media watercolor and pastel on paper

Signed lower left  Kees Verwey

Dated lower right 1963


1963, Netherlands

35.5 x 49.5cm

Including frame and Mirogard glass 50 x 65 cm


  • Flower Still life

    The vibrant still life shows a loosely arranged bouquet of flowers in a red vase.
    The flowers have different colors, including yellow, blue, white and pink.
    The background, rendered in dark tones with hints of blue and purple, contrasts with the bright subject of the flowers. The expressive brushwork suggests an impressionistic style.
    Overall, the composition captures the beauty and vibrancy of the flowers.


    The painting is framed in Mirogard glass.*
    Dimensions including frame: 50 x 65 cm.

    * Mirogard glass is an anti-reflective, fully transparent glass specially designed for framing paintings. It minimizes reflections to less than 1%, allowing art lovers to experience the work as faithfully as possible.

    For the painting, it ensures optimal clarity without detracting from the viewing experience.

    Translated with (free version)

  • Kees Verwey

    Dutch painter Kees Verwey grew up in a cultural environment. At a young age he became acquainted with the painting collection of his uncle, the poet Albert Verwey. Through another uncle, the famous architect HP Berlage, the aspiring painter meets artists such as Jan Toorop and Richard Roland Holst.

    Verwey was determined to become an artist from an early age and visited various art academies, where he was taught by Samuel Jesserun de Mesquita, among others, but ultimately he chose the Haarlem painter HF Boot as his teacher.


    Yet he is very well informed about all movements within contemporary art. He translates it into his own idiom, but also knows that he cannot break away from the Dutch painting tradition, with its emphasis on still lifes and landscapes and the technical mastery of Rembrandt and Vermeer.

    Within that tradition, Verwey appears to be a grandmaster, who stands out for his fabulous technique and consistent attention to his own universe.


    •  Private Collection, Oirschot
    •  Art dealership ML de Boer, 5950
    •  Art dealership Lambert Tegenbosch, Heusden aan de Maas 95016 RZAA


    •  Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
    •  Singer Museum Laren
    •  Municipal Museum The Hague
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