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Denis De Gloire

Color Constructor

Paris | 126x254cm

Denis De Gloire Collection

Peter's Expert Eye

'I'm not an artist, I make paintings'.

Denis De Gloire 

Peter's Expert Eye: 'It has already been several years since I first saw the artwork by Denis De Gloire and had the pleasure to meet the artist himself. I was instantly struck by his own interpretation of the artist he admires most: Jackson Pollock.


Denis de Gloire uses the inspiration in his own way, proceeding where Pollock had to stop. He takes advantage of the means and techniques of our modern time. Pollock used to work with oil paint, where Denis de Gloire is able to use acryl, which dries immediately and therefore creates the ability to work very secure with the dripping technique.

So called: Action painting.

Besides action painting, Denis has a preference for working with geometric shapes. These works are also as colorful as the artist himself!

Geometric and dripping, it seems opposite, but in the end both have to do with order and accuracy. It's the impact that makes the difference.'

About the artist

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