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Antonie Willem Michielse (1936-2010)

Antonie Willem Michielse (1936-2010)



Oil and pastel on board

Signed bottom right A. Michielse


the Netherlands


Including wooden frame 57 x 92 cm



Private Collection The Netherlands

  • Anthony Michaelse

    Antonie Willem Michielse (1936-2010) lived and worked mainly in Oosterhout, North Brabant. 

    His paintings can be recognized by his signature in working with oil and pastel on canvas. With a special technique he was able to bring light into his work, as can be seen in the clouds and the water.

    Paintings by Michielse can be found in private collections mainly.

  • Frame

    The new decorative wooden frame has been handmade and matches great with this painting.
    To find the perfect frame is like to find the perfect light in your house!

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