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Albertus Verhoesen specialiseerde zich in het schilderen van landschappen met honden, kleinvee en dierenstallen, maar hij wer

Albertus Verhoesen (1806-1881)


Summer landscape with rooster, hens and peacock

Albertus Verhoesen (1806-1881)


Oil on panel

Signed and dated 1845 l.l.


1846 Netherlands

14 x 18 cm


  • Albertus Verhoesen

    Albertus Verhoesen was a Dutch painter who lived from 1806 to 1881. He was born in Utrecht on June 16, 1806 and was taught there by the painter Bruno van Straaten.

    Later he received painting lessons from landscape painter Jan van Ravenswaay and from cattle painter Pieter Gerardus van Os.


    City Stitch Master

    From 1834 to 1853 he was city drawing master in Amersfoort, where he lived for some time with the painter B.C. Koekkoek. In 1853 he left again for Utrecht, where he continued to live and work until his death in 1881.

  • Theme

    Verhoesen specialized in painting landscapes with dogs, small livestock and animal stables, but he became best known for his poultry scenes.


    Expert eye

    He painted with a great eye for detail and a delicate painting style, which gives his works a realistic and lively appearance.

  • Museums

    Albertus Verhoesen regularly exhibited at exhibitions in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam.


    Work by Albertus Verhoesen can be found in the collection of several important museums in the Netherlands, such as:

    • Central Museum, Utrecht,
    • Museum Boijmans-van Beuningen, Rotterdam
    • State Print Cabinet, Amsterdam.
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