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Hans Keuls

Hans Keuls


Violet Blue Spring Rhythm Field

Oil on canvas


120 x 220 cm

2011, The Netherlands


Signed verso


  • Dynamics

    Hans Keuls' paintings exhibit a lively and textural application of paint. The style is impressionistic.

    The painting Violet Blue Spring Rhythm Field shows a rich palette of blue, purple, green and hints of yellow. The brushstrokes appear dynamic and spontaneous, creating an abstracted image that can be interpreted as a lush garden or field of flowers.

    The layers of color create depth and the varied brushstrokes contribute to a vibrant surface texture. This painting is interesting for its vibrant color scheme and balance between representation and abstraction, allowing viewers to explore their own interpretations.

  • Hans Keuls


     Hans Keuls always signs his paintings on the back.
    This means that the front of the painting remains exactly as it was intended. In the process of painting, the artist changed the title of the painting. (See photo on the back.)

     Read more about In verso signatures here.

     More about the artist

     Read more about artist Hans Keuls and about worldwide exhibitions here , including in Norway, Miami and Shanghai.

     In the last photo the painting can be seen at the opening of an exhibition in Miami, performed by the then Consul General Simone Filippini.

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