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Peter van Os is a 3rd generation RegisterAppraiser in art, antiques and household goods, certified by the TMV Federation since 1981. Peter has an 'Expert Eye on Art'  for the value and beauty of art. His knowledge of the current market is indispensable in order to arrive at a well-founded valuation.

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There are several reasons to have a professional appraisal carried out. This can be done for:


kunst taxaties waarde object kunst kitsch

antique and modern art

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Our collection is very diverse and dynamic. Not all objects are depicted on the website. There is much more to see in our Gallery in Oirschot!


More on the contemporary artists we represent, about their collections and inspirational drive.

Rep en Peter
Peter van Os taxateur

About Peter

Learned young

At a very young age I learned a lot about antiques, art and appraisals from my father and my uncle. I grew up in the art dealership on the Bakkerstraat in Arnhem. My dad took me to appraisals, and even had a special arrangement with school!

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A peek behind the scenes

This website also offers a glimpse behind the scenes, with information and stories about art, literature, special discoveries, current exhibitions, tips, the latest news and more activities in which the value of art plays a major role. 

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