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Art Driven by Music

Peters Expert Eye:

'Rep Ringel and I met on a Fair in Brussels, quite recently. I was struck by the power of his work. Getting to know the work closer, it's not only the variety and brightness of colors that contributes to the power. At the same time the paintings seem to have an almost restrained and silent representation. What am I sensing here?

Meeting the artist Rep Ringel, it became more and more clear where my feeling of power in combination with modesty originates. Every painting is born out of music! Listening over and over to the same musical composition, the artist gets inspired to compose his painting. A great source of inspiration, or as the artist quotes: Art driven by Music'.

Check out the collection by Rep Ringel below.
Welcome to visit our Gallery in Oirschot to see the paintings in real life.


Want to see more? Visit the Artist Website.

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